If you could locate your business in a place that offered financial benefits that completely offset your investment, would you have the vision to take advantage of it?

Is Your Business Fully Optimized?
Are you serving as many people as you would like, enjoying the lifestyle of your dreams, contributing at the highest level possible, and achieving all your business goals? If not, then your business is not fully optimized.

The solution might be to just do more of the same of what you've always done and hope for the best. But we have a better idea. Participating in the Optimal Living CenterTM (OLC) could be the opportunity you need to take your business to the next level and beyond.

Hockey great Wayne Gretzky says that the secret to his success was "skating where the puck is going to be, not where it's been." The OLC represents a unique opportunity for you to see the business model of the future and choose to be a part of it now instead of playing catch-up later.

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How Do I Know if I'm a Good Fit for the Optimal Living CenterTM?
Answer these questions to see if you qualify to be a part of the most exciting thing to happen to health and well-being in the history of Fresno:

Do you have a successful business or practice that contributes to your clientele's wellness, peace of mind or personal growth?
Are you passionate about the benefits you bring to the public?
Would you value the opportunity to work with like-minded professionals who not only share your enthusiasm, but also contribute to your business with ideas and referrals?
Are you willing to openly exchange ideas with other expert practitioners and help them achieve success?
Are you open to embracing foundational success principles and educational technologies that contribute to your peace of mind and prosperity and that of your clients/patients?
Would you like to add additional profit opportunities to your business?
Would your business benefit from a dynamic, busy environment where you receive regular "endorsed" referrals from across the hall versus "accidental" referrals from across the city?
Do you appreciate the advantages of exposing your message to a broader, more diverse market through group marketing, social media campaigns, cross-promotions, etc.?
Are you at a time in your business where you may be open for a move to a better location (or opening a satellite location) within the next year?

Do you have the foresight to appreciate that being a part of a business model that can optimize your profits is worth a premium over a passive, real-estate-only option?

If you answered YES to seven or more of the above questions, then you may be a candidate for inclusion in a first-of-its-kind wellness and prosperity center in Fresno. The Fresno OLC will be the flagship location for a national network of Optimal Living Centers that will act as the hub of a movement destined to change the landscape of the communities they serve.

What is the Optimal Living CenterTM?
It is a radically new body-mind, wellness and prosperity destination located in Fresno. The Optimal Living CenterTM (OLC) will host expert professionals from varied but compatible disciplines, each operating independently while contributing to the success of their fellow professionals.

The outcome will be a uniquely beneficial experience for the local community and the OLC participants. When completed in late 2014, the OLC will be the physical and intellectual hub of wellness and prosperity in the valley. The exact location will be determined once the participants are identified, but it will be a premium northeast Fresno spot that will benefit all involved.

The Optimal Living CenterTM will be a physical location occupied by like-minded expert professionals who are passionate about contributing to the community and to their fellow OLC participants. In short, that means participation is not strictly a financial or location decision, but rather a commitment to a unique concept where personal growth, sharing, helping, educating, and supporting are valued over the usual self-centered business model. The end result will be a work environment that leads to greater fulfillment, increased profits, and a superior experience for the public.

What Are the Advantages That Make the OLC Such a Unique Opportunity?
ONE: The OLC is a center for business and lifestyle success where expert professionals will enjoy premium space exclusive to their businesses with a shared waiting/reception area,
meeting and teaching rooms, bathrooms and kitchen/lounge. Participants will also share additional features such as private meeting rooms and even staff for reception and (optionally) administration, insurance, assistance, etc. to keep expenses low while maintaining high value for their clientele. The end result will be a much-reduced need for exclusive space and staff, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency.

TWO: The participating expert professionals will be involved in a synergistic partnership of "cross-pollination" where every participant will closely collaborate, brainstorm, and share healing insights and business-success strategies with an amazing blend of like-minded experts in a non-competitive, mutually-supportive, team-approach environment. These connections are facilitated by the Business Development Team of the OLC through group marketing, guided tours, proactive referral strategies, center membership programs, possible bundling of services for added exposure, and hosted mastermind sessions where participants share, brainstorm, and collaborate for mutual gain.

THREE: Participation in the OLC will include world-class business-success and lifestyle training for the expert professionals. This renowned training, known as The Mindfluence® Method, is designed to optimize the process of developing lifetime raving-fan clients/patients. The result will be a center full of successful, growing, and highly contributing professionals, each enhancing the success outcomes of the others.

The benefits of this training cannot be overstated. It's not at all unusual for Mindfluence Method alumni to see a dramatic increase in their business volume while simultaneously developing an entrepreneurial business model that provides more free time and greater personal fulfillment.

This business model may include the hiring and overseeing of experts in your same field to work under you, liberating you to possibly have multiple facilities earning profit for you, possibly with different areas of specialty emphasis. You can then choose the amount of time you dedicate to each profit-center location. With this specialized business training, the concept of trading your time for money can ultimately be completely optional.

FOUR: The OLC Business Development Team will manage an active membership program for the center, with amazing benefits for those who join, including discounts, free services, and member-only special events. The OLC will also be an active destination for a variety of classes, services, and community outreach programs, all of which will positively predispose the public to engage the OLC expert professionals. Memberships will be sold directly to the public and through OLC participants, who will share in the proceeds.

FIVE: Participants in the OLC will contribute to a group marketing fund that will take advantage of economies of scale to reach a far larger audience than individual participants could ever hope to achieve. In addition to membership sales, advertising, social media exposure, web presence, and public relations, the group marketing fund will be used to promote OLC-hosted health and wellness fairs, which will bring in hundreds of new client/patient prospects for fun, educational, and entertaining events.

SIX: Participants will benefit from optional but potentially lucrative additional profit opportunities, which will not compete with their current business model, but will enhance the experience of their clients/patients by providing additional wellness and prosperity options. These opportunities include OLC memberships, on-site wellness technology, and even potential four-figure referral fees for participants who encourage a client/patient/friend to sign up for the Mindfluence Method Premier Success Training (which OLC participants will be uniquely qualified to do because they will be experiencing the training themselves).

SEVEN: There is a powerful benefit for Fresno OLC participants by virtue of its association with HEAL (Healthcare Experts Alliance for Life), a health education-focused non-profit. This will open doors for public relations exposure and OLC events associated with supporting community needs and charities. It will also make the OLC the logical healthcare-providing center to access following HEAL-sponsored business and organization speaking, etc.

EIGHT: Early adopter participants in the flagship OLC in Fresno will be invited to consider involvement in one or more of the many future OLC projects, both local and national. This engagement will include first right of refusal for opening additional offices and the ability to direct their area of expertise in a subsequent location, whether they serve as an expert there or simply help develop, recruit, and oversee the experts in that division. For those with big dreams, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

What Is the End Result of All These Advantages?
The OLC is dedicated to providing a win/win/win scenario where participants, the OLC as a whole, and the public are all better served than they would be with any other business model, location, or approach. Participating expert professionals can expect massive
financial and quality-of-life benefits resulting from the team synergy among the participants, the business-success and lifestyle training, the group marketing and events, and other advantages that will ensure a steady stream of new people through the doors of each business.

Who Will Be the Other Participants in the OLC?
Two of the founding members of the OLC are a doctor of chiropractic and the operator of a personal training facility. Additional participants may include a diverse range of health and wellness professionals, and even those with a positive mental/emotional component:

Acupuncturist Registered Dietician
Naturopathic Doctor Aesthetician
Psychologist Doctor of Podiatry
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Homeopath
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist Yoga Instructor
Balanced-Brain Learning Center Physical Therapist
Compounding Doctor of Pharmacy Life Coach
Cranial Sacral Therapist Doctor of Audiology
Certified Massage Therapists Pilates Instructor
Meditation Instructor Juice/Healthy Food Bar

The center may have more than one participant in a particular field, but our approach is not to see the market as a pie to divide up, but rather a bakery where there is an abundance of business for all. In fact, it may be beneficial for two otherwise competitive business owners to join forces for co-branding and co-marketing opportunities.

Are You Right for the OLC?
Our goal is that the nominal investment for participating in the various programs and features of the OLC will be offset ten-fold or more. If you are the kind of person who values and appreciates these benefits, the question then becomes: Would you invest $1,000 if it meant that you would receive $10,000 in return? If you are NOT the kind of person who values and appreciates these benefits, then participation in the OLC is certainly not for you.

This is not a strictly shared-space or real estate business model; it's a shared-concept and shared-vision model that requires the participation of passionate, high-level expert professionals who are dedicated to personal growth and giving more to the public and their fellow experts while receiving more for themselves in return.

The investment required for participation in the OLC will be a small fraction of the return on that investment. Some participants may discover that the need for traditional marketing greatly diminishes. Others may experience a quality of life improvement that is difficult to quantify. But rest assured that dollar-for-dollar, you will not find a better investment.

If you are comparing the OLC to another location strictly on the basis of cost per square foot, then you are clearly misunderstanding the opportunity. The OLC cannot be compared apples-to-apples with any other location. It can't even be compared apples-to-oranges because the opportunity is that unique. To maintain the metaphor, it would be the equivalent of comparing apples to a completely balanced, nutritionally optimal meal plan with an accompanying exercise regimen.

How Can I Get an Idea of How Much it Will Cost to Participate in the OLC?
Click on the button below to get more details on how you can participate in the OLC, an idea of what investment is required, and what benefits will offset that investment.