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Please read the details below before downloading the "what if" spreadsheet from the link at bottom. It will help you to understand the various criteria and how to appropriately estimate the benefits.

Projected Details of Participation
The exact details of the Fresno-area OLC will be determined once all potential participants and their requirements and desires are identified. The information below will help you to determine roughly how the OLC space/concept/vision-sharing model could work. This is for illustration purposes only because exact details will not be known until a final location is chosen.

How the Shared-Space/Shared-Concept/Shared-Vision Model Works:
At the OLC, each participating OLC expert professional will have the use of certain space exclusive to their business/practice, plus a prorated share of mandatory common areas (what we call "community space") such as bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, hallways, meeting/teaching room, private consultation rooms, reception/waiting area, etc.

Participating expert professionals will also pay normal CAM (common area maintenance) charges that will include standard items like basic maintenance, certain cleaning services, property improvements, etc., and prorated utility contribution.

In addition to the community space, participants will share the costs of the OLC receptionist, who will be a warm and highly trained greeter and expert guide familiar with all the participants and their area of expertise. This staff member will play an important role in the team concept of the OLC.

All participants in the OLC will pay a participation fee. This will cover all the beneficial roles played by OLC management and the OLC business-development team, including management of shared-staff, profit-center management, membership services, business development program (referral program, regular mastermind sessions between participants, etc.) and Mindfluence Method business-success training.

Each participant will contribute to a group marketing fund that will promote the OLC in the community. It is the goal of the OLC to turn each marketing dollar invested into two to ten dollars in additional profits to OLC participants.

Additionally, there may be the option of sharing certain staff members who could handle assistance, scheduling, insurance, or administrative duties, all adding to the cost savings.

Participants will have the opportunity to sell OLC memberships to their clientele and extended circle of influence. These memberships will be overwhelmingly beneficial to OLC patrons by virtue of the discounts, free services, and members-only benefits and special events. Participants will share in the proceeds of the membership fee (currently estimated at $17 per month).

Participants in the OLC will sign an occupancy agreement for their space and will be required to provide a security deposit and possibly other fees up front. Personal commitment to the agreement will be required (not just corporate); other terms and conditions are negotiable.

How To Estimate Your OLC Investment
Let's say that you would normally require 1,425 sq. ft. of space. At the OLC you would require considerably less exclusive space (say, 1,000 sq. ft.) due to the shared community space of reception/waiting areas, bathrooms, meeting room, kitchen, lounge, flex-space/consultation room, hallways, etc.

Because all of the participants will share the cost of a full-time receptionist, there will be an associated cost savings, which will vary from participant to participant. Try to estimate the difference between the cost of the person you would otherwise have to employ and the shared cost of the OLC receptionist.

You might also benefit from the occasional services of a staff person for scheduling, phone answering, insurance work, etc. Let's say there's a full-time person filling this role and he or she is utilized by several OLC participants who share that expense. To calculate your savings for this benefit, consider how much you would otherwise have to pay someone to do this job and estimate the cost savings.

There will be additional mandatory fees for participation in the OLC business development program, success training, and the group marketing fund. The group marketing fund and cost of the shared receptionist are not considered in the spreadsheet calculations because they are strictly pass-through expenses. Group marketing is projected to be $250 to $300 per month (100% of which will be spent on OLC marketing efforts) and perhaps $400 to $600 each per month for the receptionist(s).

Download the "What If" Excel Spreadsheet
The spreadsheet below will enable you to calculate estimated investment expenses and financial benefits with whatever assumptions or criteria you deem appropriate. To maintain the integrity of the spreadsheet, only certain fields are able to be modified. You can turn off the protection feature if you would like to look behind the scenes at formulas, etc. (Review, Unprotect Sheet in Excel 2010). The spreadsheet is designed to be printed on two pages.

Although participation in the additional profit centers and some other program benefits of the OLC are optional, it is strongly encouraged as an essential part of the "magic" that will occur when a number of like-minded people work together as a team, engage each other as professionals, and share a common language with the same business-success training.

Click on the button below (or Right-click on the button and choose "Save Target As" or the equivalent in your browser) to download a zip file of an excel spreadsheet that you can use to estimate your investment requirement and monetize your estimated benefits. When you open the zip fie, you can extract the spreadsheet to your computer wherever you would like.

If you have any questions about this spreadsheet, please contact Bruce Hurley at 561-302-3029 or brucehurley(at)


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